This site focuses on information about people called Doodson – the history of the Doodson name, family trees, various Doodsons in the public eye or from around the world, as well as photos of Doodsons and various memorabilia and genealogy tips. The menu at left is pretty self-explanatory.

Recent Updates:

September 2017
- more updates, this time to the Glossop trees. I'm afraid the PDF is rather wide, and I don't think there's anything that can be done to make it easier to read.The fact is that the top tree on that diagram has expanded width-wise as more information has become available. Partly this is the fault of our Victoria ancestors having very large families!!

September 2017
- Lots of revisions to several family trees relating to Doodson families that originated in Liverpool, some of whom ended up in Shropshire (Coalbrookdale, specifically). Following some detailed research using Liverpool parish records as well as the usual formal Civil Registers of births, marriages and deaths, the virtual tree has mushroomed but also absorbed umpteen previously separate smaller trees. Anyway, plenty of changes here, and many more Doodsons recorded!

August 2017
- New Doodson family tree, for Harry Werneth Doodson and his descendants. Many thanks to one of his descendants, Lynne Stephenson, in the USA. Harry was not born a Doodson, but adopted by a John Doodson and his wife Mary, after having been found abandoned on Werneth Railway Station, Oldham, Lancashire. After unsuccessful efforts to trace Harry's real parents he was adopted by John and Mary and baptised Harry Werneth Doodson. The name Werneth (in recognition of where he was found) was passed on as a middle name to many of his descendants, including those who emigrated to the United States of America. As the core of this tree was previously on the one showing unlinked people from the 1911 census in Oldham, that tree has also been changed.

May 2017
- lots of changes to two trees - Devon and Cornwall (specifically the "Ernest Doodson goes to Cornwall" tree) and the various Doodsons in Australia tree. Many thanks to Doug Doodson in Australia and Lyn Foster in England who, thanks to their information and getting a copy of a marriage certificate, now have discovered that they are 2nd cousins that they never knew about! Yes, one of the trees in Australia has been definitively linked to the "Ernest Doodson goes to Cornwall" tree! And as a consequence there are lots of changes to these tree documents.

March 2017 -
Yes we're still here! Just a quiet period during which various very minor changes were made but no new material was added. Now: a combination of two previously separate trees (Bolton 1911 and Ashton 1911) to create new Owd Bummy tree. Many thanks to Liz Henry in San Francisco for help with this and more information about various members of the tree!

July 2016
- minor changes to Australia trees, additional photos of gravestones from Rookwood Cemetery in Sydney, Australia, minor update to explanation of Peter Doodson's transportation to Tasmania in 1843.

June 2016
- restructuring of the site to simplify the menus and remove out of date pages/text. Minor changes to main Australia family tree.

May 2016
Various changes to the Pilkington tree - added some missing birth, marriages and death dates.
More photos added to the
Photos and pictures pages - two coloured versions of original black and white photos. The first on the Photos 2 page is of Emily Doodson (b.1869) who married Joseph Moulsdale - in this photo she's shown at a Women's Institute meeting. She was head of this branch of the WI, and flower show judge. (The original photo was from Nathan Head, Emily's great-great-grandson, and recently very nicely colorised by Paul Doodson). The second photo is on the Photos 1 page, and is a replacement of a black and white photo of my aunt Noreen Doodson as a child with her mother Annie. Inspired by Paul's amazing recolourisation efforts I had a go myself at this one.

REQUEST - still trying to track down the diary of Robert Doodson: I came across an extract from a book on Google called the "Schoolmasters Notebook" (use this link to view it) in which Robert and Ann Doodson record their perilous journey from England to Australia in 1840/41. This is truly fascinating reading, giving contemporary insights that are rare. This document refers to a diary that Robert wrote, which was passed down to his great grandson, also called Robert, living in Sydney at the time the book was published (1957). We think that would have been either Robert Doodson (b.1887, d.1978) or Robert Doodson (b.1890 d.1968) Does anyone have this diary? It would be fantastic to be able to track this down and read some of the entries. If anyone has this diary could you please contact us? THANK YOU!

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